This luxury hair retail service is founded by Autiki  Spradley. Born and raised in the small town of Moultrie, Georgia, only being that there were two hair stores in this small town, there were scarce varieties of great hair quality. Autiki grew up in a family of barbers and hair stylist so she has had years of experience dealing with hair, the good and the bad hair quality. Her motivation to ensure she provided not just good, but the best quality of hair has taken years of research and testing product. She was inspired by the name “Dalilah” meaning “beauty” in Egyptian because as the hair and beauty industry thrives, her mission was to make more women feel beautiful and to be that starr who stands out in a crowd. To her hair should described a person personality, the crown of hair is what people notice when you first meet. Which is why with her variety of textures and color offered each customer can reveal her inner beauty. To Autiki shopping with Dalilah Starr extentions is essential because hair beauty is her  duty.